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Is HD 7750 worth the buy?


Is HD 7750 worth the buy?

I currently have wasted my old HD 3850 which served me for almost 5 years. Was playing some TF2 and all of the sudden vertical stripes appeared and I can't go past the start-up windows loading, only Safe Mode can be accessed. After some internet research and tests I determinded that it is my video card and now i'm planing to swap it.

The budget is in the range of $100 (+ $10-$20). All I can find was an HD 7750 and I wonder if it is any good. I mean the build quality, and maybe some of you guys had one of those and can share the experience.

Also advices on some other options I should consider, are very welcome.

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The Page Is HD 7750 worth the buy? was first posted on 5:23 pm, October 5, 2013 in the category Hardware it has been viewed 217 times.


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Short Title: Is HD 7750 worth the buy?
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